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Our Team of Experts


Knowledge, experience and dedication are the foundations of our work here at First Genes, LLC.  We are dedicated to helping victims and their families by helping law enforcement bring an end to their unsolved cases.

Leslie Kaufman, Forensic Genealogist

Leslie retired in December 2020 after 13 years with Envista Forensics, formerly known as Guardian Digital Forensics.  During her time there, she held positions as Accounting Coordinator and Director of Operations and aquired over 16 years experience in research, computer software and data analysis applications.


From 2005-2008 Leslie held the position of Research Associate at NCSU/ITRE where she was in charge of the installation and provided training for the Maintenance Management software system, used by the NC Department of Transportation. She performed all the data analysis reporting for the Maintenance Management system for all 100 NC counties on a yearly basis for the Department of Transportation.


Leslie has assisted Law Enforcement as a volunteer for Missing and Unidentified Cases since 2008.   From 2008-2011 she was the Producer/Co-Host of Talk Forensics, Guardian Digital Forensics' internet based talk show on Blog Talk Radio. While producing and co-hosting the show, she established lasting friendships and expanded her network of professional resources that aid her today with her case work.

Carolinas Cold Case Coalition Member

Leslie became a member of the Carolinas Cold Case Coalition in January of 2020.  The Carolinas Cold Case Coalition is a non-profit, volunteer based organization comprised of retired local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, who have extensive backgrounds and experience with death investigations and violent crimes.


Tim Horne, Case Consultant

Retired Maj. Tim Horne - Was Major of the Criminal Investigation Division for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. During his twenty eight year tenure with the Sheriff’s Office, he has held positions in the Jail, on Patrol, and in the Investigation Division. He began his investigative experience as a crime scene specialist before becoming a field investigator, and later a supervisor over the Division.


Tim served in the Criminal Investigation Division for the last twenty one years, where he specialized in forensics, homicide investigation and firearms. He has completed over 4,000 hours of specialized law enforcement training and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee National Forensics Academy. He has extensively trained with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in radiological material, chemical agents, and explosives.

Tim was awarded his Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate and Advanced Service Award from the North Carolina Sheriff’s Education and Training Commission.

Tim had also served as a member of the Special Response Team (SRT) for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for twenty three years. He was one of the original team members selected when the Team was organized in 1993. He had risen through the SRT ranks from an operator to team leader, and finally to Commander of the Special Response Team. He oversaw all tactical operations and deployments for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

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